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About GHT


Adventure, Discipleship, Restoration, Growth

Camps, retreats, leadership training, sustainable agriculture, experiential learning.


In 6 safari tents on raised wooden platforms on a hillside in the middle of rural Nyamazi, Zimbabwe.


Orphanages, schools, churches, families, couples, individuals.


Courageous Leadership training, team-building games and experiential learning through outdoor adventure education.


Because there is a dearth of leadership in Africa and if someone doesn’t equip and inspire this generation there is no hope for the future. Hope grows in the fields of Africa. This generation has the potential to unleash the continent’s golden age; a continent with 10% of the world’s population and almost 30% of the world’s natural resources cannot help but thrive. The key to unlocking this future is Stewardship.


Underprivileged orphanages and schools are identified and funded to attend camp using your donations.



Matt and Lauren Mbanga both grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and started their married life living in the Nyamazi Community. They lived for five years among the people of Nyamazi and carried water from the spring, slept on a camp mattress on the floor and cooked over an open fire in an attempt to connect with, and understand the needs of the vulnerable communities they had a passion to impact.


Matt and La grew crops and lived off the land they had settled on using sustainable, organic farming methods and after setting up an indigenous tree nursery to help fuel-wood dependent farmers they built the GrowHopeTrust camp site with the help of friends, visitors and well-wishers.


They use the campsite to teach the farming methods they first learned from Foundations for Farming and inspire men, women and children from rural and urban backgrounds to take a leadership role in their own lives to shape the future of Africa.



Marvin and Amy Vogel

A Big HELLO from Team Vogel, which is made up of Marvin (likes all sports, inventing crazy games, playing guitar and pulling pranks), Amy (likes running (mainly after Pearl at the minute), playing the keyboard and being crafty) Pearl Joy (is 2 years old. She likes jumping in muddy puddles, swings and playing tig) and Matheus Tafara (is 8 weeks old. He likes drinking milk, cuddles, sleeping and smiling at people).


We are excited to announce we are planning to be coming out to work with Grow Hope Zimbabwe early next year 2017. The dreams and visions of Grow Hope align so much with the passion Jesus has put in the heart of our family. We long to see the young people of Zimbabwe have Hope for their future and enabled to be the leaders and creative people God intends them to be. We are really looking forward to helping to run the camps at Golden Harvest, being part of the development of the sight and pray that God will use us to set up an international volunteers program in the future.


We see Zimbabwe as our home as Marvin grew up in Mutare and Amy lived there for six years. Marvin was a sports coach for the local schools in Mutare and Amy worked as a teacher. Alongside our part time jobs we also worked for St. Columba’s’ Presbyterian Church as the Youth Leaders. Working at a city centre church meant we met met the Street people community. God led us to start Street Church and we had the enormous privilege of seeing 25 young lads transformed by God and reconciled into families and communities. Amongst all this Marv and Amy fell in love and got married. A year after being married we decided the UK needed some Zimbabwean perspective on faith and living with Joy. So for the last five years we have been working with a number of churches in the Coventry and Warwickshire diocese (right in the middle of England) as Youth, Children and Mission Leaders. We’ve met some amazing people, learnt a lot and come to understand the great need for Jesus in this nation.


However, it’s time to come home! The sun is calling and we believe God has a great plan for the youth of Zimbabwe, to develop their own nation, but to also be a great example of faith, determination and joy to many other nations.


Looking forward to seeing you all soon. God bless.